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‘Letterboxing’ is a contemporary treasure-hunt style outdoor activity, in which clues are used to seek out and find very small, weatherproof boxes in publicly-accessible places. Inside these boxes are unique stamps; finders make an imprint of the stamp in their personal logbook, and imprint their own stamp in the logbook of the letterbox.

But the original letterbox was somewhat different. In 1854 in southwest England, an area guide hid his calling card in a jar in a remote area near Cranmere Pool on the moors of Dartmoor. He encouraged his clients to leave their calling cards in the jar as well. As time went on, visitors began to leave self-addressed notes and postcards in hopes that other visitors would find them, gather them, and return them by mail to the sender.

At Ghost Proposal, ‘Letterboxes’ is our periodic newsletter; a relationship in the form of transmission. A letter from a friend, from a stranger, hand-typed for you. Letterboxes is a letter from one of our past contributors to another. We encourage you to write to a contributor who may not seem as though they have much in common with you – how do you correspond?

For reference on this initiative, please see “Not the Map but the Winding” in Essay Daily’s series on nonfiction editors discussing the kind of work they seek to publish in their journals.

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